Our long grain basmati rice is grown at the foot of the Himalayas, on the most natural and fertile grounds.


It is grown and harvested with methods that are several hundred years old, all because Karoon rice should be as natural as possible. It is not genetically modified or has any additives, we care about organic farming.


Karoon has a light and airy texture with a slightly nutty taste. It is just as good to be part of a main course, as being an ingredient in a salad or dessert.


The quality and the content of calcium, magnesium and potassium, all necessary for the bodys functioning and structure, make Karoon an excellent choice for those who want to eat good and nutritious food.

The rice also contains dietary fiber, which means that you will not get hungry to soon after already eaten.

Karoon has a low and good glycemic index (58) which keeps the blood sugar level steady.

Many who actively train, eat the rice for its many benefits and low calorie content.


Karoon is perfect for everyone who wants to eat healthy food, whether you are an elite athlete or try to exercise  regularly or just have to avoid gluten for various reasons. Or maybe you just want to eat really really good!

The factory and the processing

We have experienced employees who buy rice directly from local farmers.

The rice grains are rinsed several times before being processed, which is important for both quality and taste.

The careful process control ensure that the rice can maintain both its fragrance and taste and that Karoon has no broken grains.


The factory was upgraded a couple of years ago and now everything is computerized. The equipment is from Satake, a world leading company when it comes to milling and processing of rice.

Sensors make sure that temperature and humidity are always at the right levels when it is dried and stored.



We participate in the whole process, from cultivation to the finished product, we also have insight into the use of fertilizer and plant protection products.

We guarantee that the farmers get properly paid and that there are no children working in the factory.


Our goal has always been to have the best rice there is, without compromising our values. We have combined modern technology with traditional knowledge and care.